Aaron Rodgers has never been short of money to buy a house, or a luxurious mansion to relax in after a tough NFL season. Officially Rodgers has two houses that he uses during the season and during the offseason to rest. One of the houses is closer to Green Bay than another and the difference between each one is noticeable. Both houses are valued at a minimum of $10 million dollars.

The season in Green Bay is hard and cold but Aaron Rodgers has a special place that he bought about 15 years ago in Wisconsin to shelter during the season with the Packers, it is a perfect house for a guy like him with everything he needs to stay in good shape and away from the winter cold.

But Rodgers always preferred the California heat despite playing in a place as harsh and cold as Green Bay. Another home Rodgers bought over the years was a mansion with his girlfriend at the time, Danica Patrick, also in California.

Where is Aaron Rodgers' house located?

Rodgers has two main houses, one is located in Sumico, Wisconsin and was purchased in 2005 for $400,000, but in 2017 Rodgers put the house that he used during the regular season for sale in the market.

The other two houses that are known are Aaron Rodgers, they are located in California, one is a $30m big mansion with a pool and other entertainment areas, and the other house is located in Malibu and was acquired by Rodgers for a value of $20m.

Apart from his main houses, Aaron Rodgers has other properties under the control of his company, which manages apartments, buildings and other businesses that are lucrative for the Packers' starting quarterback.