It seems like a week doesn't go by without Antonio Brown making the news, and it's rarely because of his impact on the gridiron. Once again, the NFL's most polarizing troublemaker is making it all about himself and refusing to take accountability for his actions.

Brown infamously left MetLife Stadium in the middle of a game, alleging that he was too hurt to play. Curiously, he looked pretty fine when he was jumping up and down and firing up the crowd before making his triumphant exit.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have repeatedly stated that he was medically cleared to play, yet Brown insists that he was forced to be out there through an injury. Now, he's ready to pursue legal action against the team, HC Bruce Arians, and GM Jason Licht.

NFL News: Antonio Brown Will Sue The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

“Antonio Brown was defamed by this spin that he had a mental health episode that makes him someone who’s not reliable to do a good job on the field,” Brown's lawyer Sean Burstyn said. “So we’re pursuing internally all of our rights under the CBA and considering them and maybe stepping outside of the CBA.

“All of our options are on the table. We’re going to hold to account the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Bruce Arians, the general manager to the extent anyone who’s responsible for this spin that Antonio isn’t reliable to do a good job playing football because he doesn’t have the mental fortitude to do it. They’ll be held to account," he added.

In all honesty, that's exactly what you should expect from someone like Brown. The Bucs knew exactly who he was and still decided to sign him not once but twice. Now, they have to deal with him and all the unnecessary drama and unmatched ego. Good luck with that.