The Titans, Browns and Colts have three players who could be considered the best running backs in the National Football League right now. They haven't won Super Bowl rings yet and you don't have to be Super Bowl champions to be the best at a position, but with a couple of tweaks to their teams they could make it to the big game.

Derrick Henry with the Titans has proven to be a key piece for the team despite the fact that he missed much of the 2021 NFL season due to a foot injury, the return played in the playoffs but the loss of the Titans was disappointing .

Chubb and Taylor are also considered high-importance players within the Browns and Colts but those teams need a lot of work within the offensive and defensive line to take advantage of the full power of both players.

Are Derrick Henry, Nick Chubb and Jonathan Taylor the best RBs in the NFL? 

You can vote and pick which of the three is the best or pick the "other" option if you don't consider any of the three as the best Running Back in the NFL right now. It is true that there are other names that could be considered as good Rbs, but the level of Henry, Chubb and Taylor is simply incredible.

Derrick Henry overall stats: 1401 rush attempts, 6797 yards, 65 touchdowns, 4.9 rushing yards per attempt. Henry was 22 years old when he entered the NFL with the Titans in 2016, his best seasons so far have been in 2019 and 2020.

Nick Chubb overall stats: 908 rush attempts, 4816 yards, 36 touchdowns, 5.3 rushing yards per attempt. Chubb has been the running back for the Browns since 2018, after his first year his talent was fully developed.

Jonathan Taylor overall stats: 564 rush attempts, 2980 yards, 29 touchdowns, 5.3 rushing yards per attempt. Taylor has been playing in the NFL since 2020 with the Colts.