Oddsmakers gave the Kansas City Chiefs a 3-point edge when they hosted the Buffalo Bills at Arrowhead Stadium last night. Sadly for them, they could never be in command of this long-awaited clash between the two most entertaining young quarterbacks in the league.

Patrick Mahomes had a strangely off game. He turned the ball over 3 times (2 interceptions, one fumble lost) including a pick-six and it seemed like the Bills' physicality was just way too much for the Chiefs to handle.

Josh Allen had one of the best games of his career and nothing, not even an hours-long wait delay due to lighting could slow him down. At the end of the game, the visitors went back home with a 38-20 win that could've been even uglier.

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Once again, the Buffalo Bills were rolling from start to finish. They had a 24-13 lead at halftime and Josh Allen was nearly perfect through the first two quarters. Also, their top-notch defense was at its finest from the first snap of the game.

The Bills would've been 5-0 right now if it wasn't for their late-game meltdown vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1, whereas the Chiefs are now 2-3 and are dead last in the AFC West division.

Maybe it's still too early to sound off the alarms at Arrowhead Stadium but Mahomes' recent proneness to turn the ball over, Clyde Edwards-Helaire's injury and their terrible defense are strong reasons to be concerned going forward.

The Chiefs have a strong, explosive offense and the potential to bounce back in a big way, so we wouldn't count them out already. But something will have to change and soon if they don't want to play catch-up throughout the season.