The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are Super Bowl champions since 10 days ago and the excitement for their title hasn’t stopped for the fans and the players. It is fair to say that they shocked a lot of people with their win over the favorites Kansas City Chiefs, 31-9, at Raymond James Stadium, shutting down the best offensive in the entire NFL

Todd Bowles and the defensive team did a terrific job against Patrick Mahomes and co., making life extremely hard for the talented quarterback. One of the players who attacked the 25-year-old during the game recently explained the Bucs’ approach entering the game and how they knew they were going to get the Chiefs. 

Devin White recently talked about the game and how the team prepared for it, making it clear that they were ready to dominate and that’s what they did during the match, leaving no space for Mahomes or his weapons. 

Devin White calls the Chiefs ‘cocky’ after Super Bowl win 

The linebacker recently talked with Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless on Fox Sports’ Undisputed, expressing his real feelings about the Chiefs and how they were perceived by Tampa Bay ahead of the big game. 

“That’s another thing like that we knew going in, we knew that there was gonna be a bit cocky, which they have every right to be. They was the number one offense in the entire National Football League.”

“They did us a favor, they played right into our hands. We went like, ‘Hey, we’re gonna we’re gonna shut them down’…so at the end of the day, they shouldn’t even talk about not having their offensive tackles. When they didn’t even help them, so that’s their own fault,” White said on the show.

Kansas City entered the game as the favorites to take it all but Bruce Arians and his coaching staff did a nearly perfect job to stop all that power. White revealed that the entire squad was inspired ahead of the showdown and they didn’t hesitate to unleash their power against the defending NFL champions. 

In the end, all of that worked for them and they earned a big win, the first one with Tom Brady, who took this team to win the championship in his first campaign in Florida. They worked like a machine and the results were incredible.