When Tom Brady said he was un-retiring from NFL, everyone was shocked about it. The rumors then started about an alleged 'special treatment' towards the quarterback from Tampa Bay. Now, the Buccaneers HC has talked about it and revealed a big surprise.

Tom Brady's decision to return to football did not make Gisele Bundchen very happy. His wife was worried about the 45-year old un-retiring, so he had to make some arrangements to be safe on the field.

Reportedly, Tom Brady agreed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to get some special needs for the 2022 NFL season. Now, Todd Bowles, the team's head coach, got real with this topic and finally talked about this situation.

Buccaneers' HC reveals if Tom Brady receives a 'special treatment' in Tampa

Tom Brady is still one the biggest stars playing in the NFL nowadays as his legacy is trying to grow this year. He knows his value and what he is capable of, so he wants everything set for him to perform well.

After Tom Brady announced he was returning to football, the rumors said there's was a catch in his decision. According to some reports, he asked for some special needs in order to un-retire and play at least one more season with the Buccaneers.

In the 2022 NFL preseason, Tom Brady was absent during 11 days of practice, which is very unusual for him. His teammates were very supportive with it, but the rumors started emerging about a possible 'special treatment' towards the quarterback.

"He works as hard as anybody," Todd Bowles told reporters about Tom Brady, per The Tampa Bay Times. "Special treatment, there's been a few guys that have missed some meetings and some practices for special things that just doesn't get publicized because they're not him. It kind of comes with the territory. Don't worry about it too much."

Bowles knows that Brady is under the spotlight every single minute, and TB12 is giving the rumors something to talk about. His vacations during the preseason, his in-season off days and the special permission he received to attend Patriots owner Robert Kraft's wedding are some of those 'special needs' they are talking about because he didn't have those in the past.

And of course there is the football topic. Unfortunately, Tampa Bay has not been as dominant this year as it was suposed to be, with Tom Brady being the obvious target as the main reason why they are not performing well.