Dan Snyder just completed the sale of the Washington Commanders for $6.05 billion to a group of investors led by Josh Harris. However, the NFL and Roger Goodell weren’t going to just let him walk away.

An independent investigation led by attorney Mary Jo White concluded Dan Snyder sexually harassed a team marketing employee and that the Commanders as a franchise didn’t report shared revenue to the NFL. That first accusation was made public on February of 2022 by Tiffani Johnston.

Though Dan Snyder declared himself not guilty, the NFL just announced a historic punishment for the now former owner of the Washington Commanders. These are the details.

Dan Snyder gets massive fine after investigation

Dan Snyder got a massive $60 million fine from the NFL following the results of the independent investigation around the Washington Commanders’ front office. In 2022, during a roundtable hearing at the US Congress, Tiffani Johnston explained the details of the incident.

According to the testimony of the victim, which was later confirmed by other members of the organization, Dan Snyder put his hand on her leg during a dinner related to work. Furthermore, a few minutes later, Snyder tried to force her into his car.

When asked about the situation, Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL, sent a very strong message: “The findings speak for themselves. The conduct substantiated in Ms. White’s findings has no place in the NFL. We strive for workplaces that are safe, respectful and professional. What Ms. Johnston experienced is inappropriate and contrary to the NFL’s values.”