Drew Brees and Tom Brady have a big date this Sunday when his New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers meet for the third time this season, but this time with the right to play in the NFC Championship Game on the line. 

These two are part of the elite of the league, being two of the greatest quarterbacks the NFL has seen and this Sunday will probably be their last matchup in the league. Brees and Brady have tried to make things fun between the two but as the days go by, tensions increase for fans. 

This is a divisional round with two of the greatest quarterbacks ever involved, so a lot of people are expecting to see a good game from this pair. Recently, they joked about their ages on social media and now Brees has made a big revelation about Brady ahead of their Sunday match. 

Drew Brees says he’s constantly talking with Tom Brady 

Brees recently revealed that he’s been talking with Brady ahead of the big game. They have been in the league for a long time now and have gone against one another on several occasions. They are friends and didn’t hesitate to praise each other before this matchup. 

“Tom and I have a friendship and a mutual respect,” Brees said Wednesday.

“We were texting back and forth on Monday, just kind of chuckling at this whole scenario, right,” Brees said. “He’s 43. I turn 42 on Friday, so that’s 85 years and a lot of football experience that’s going to be on the field on Sunday.

Brees went on to say that he’s been waiting for this game since he learned that Brady was playing with the Buccaneers. That was a huge move for the 6x NFL champion and Brees knew they would probably clash in the postseason. 

“When Tom Brady signed with the Bucs, and I knew that he was coming to our division, I envisioned this game. What was that, nine months ago? Eight months ago? I envisioned this game happening, because I knew our aspirations as a team, to be in the playoffs and beyond, and I certainly knew what he was bringing to the Bucs and that talented roster,” Brees said. “And so, I think this is probably where we all envisioned being at this point in the season.”

Even though Brees and his Saints won the first two matches against Brady, the season is on the line now and that’s when Brady shows his best and most dangerous weapons. This game is expected to be incredibly entertaining and knowing all the implications it has, these two players are ready to put up a show.