The New Orleans Saints made a good decision with Tryann Mathieu, he is the type of player the Saints need for the 2022 NFL season, quick, smart and ready to catch interceptions, but the best thing is Mathieu's 10.0 career tackles as safety.

Mathieu is 29 years old, he is a 5-9 and 190 lbs, the perfect measurements to play safety but with enough experience and that is what the Saints need. He played five seasons with the Arizona Cardinals, one with Houston and the last three with Kansas.

The upcoming 2022 NFL season puts the Saints as a favorite to make the playoffs, but it will all depend on what happens during the regular season. They had a winning record of 9-8-0 but it was not enough to play in the 2021 playoffs.

How much the New Orleans Saints are paying Tyrann Mathieu?

The New Orleans Saints sign Mathieu for $33,000,000 million, that means his average salary is $11,000,000. Mathieu's contract is guaranteed for $18,000,000 and three years, he will return to the free agency in 2025.

He earned more with the Chiefs, they paid Mathieu more than $42m from 2019 to 2021, he was one of the highest paid players on the Kansas City Chiefs. The reason the Chiefs walked Tyrann was because they never offered him a good deal and they weren't willing to do it.