Tom Brady is a reigning NFL legend. Even at 43 years of age, when many people turned him down, he overcame the odds and lead Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a spectacular Super Bowl championship, the seventh of his personal career

After being the starting quarterback for several years at the New England Patriots, where he and the rest of the team under Bill Belichik's leadership built a dynasty, he proved once again that he is one of the greatest of all time

Many things have been said about Brady throughout his lengthy career regarding his skills, performances, and even about his body from the very first moment when he stepped foot in the NFL. Regardless of what has been pointed out some year, TB12 proved to be a great athlete capable of performing no matter the age.

Tom Brady's height

Tom Brady is taller than many quarterbacks in the league, as he is listed at 6' 4'' (1.93 m). The No. 12 demonstrated an inspiring commitment to taking the best possible care of his body, and that paid off. By following a methodical diet he found a perfect way to balance height with weight (225 lb), despite not being overly agile. 

When he was at the NFL Combine, he was misjudged by his physique at the time. He already was tall, of course, but the scouts considered he lacked a stockier body. Brady improved greatly in that aspect, which helped him become one of the best quarterbacks ever. 

Speed was never one of his strengths. He didn't stand out because of his ability to run, but he took advantage of his particular height to complement it with a well-groomed body and a perfect throwing arm. Tom Brady's name became one of the most important in the entire history of the NFL.