Following a poor season in 2020, the Houston Texans released JJ Watt since the player asked to leave after nine seasons and one year before his contract was over. That let the experienced defensive end being available to sign as a free agent with any other team.

A lot of speculation existed from that moment on until the three time NFL Defensive Player of the Year decided to put to an end every rumour regarding his future. Lots of NFL teams were hoping to land the older of the Watt brothers, but the Arizona Cardinals will finally be that lucky team. 

However, the big speculation surrounding Watt's decision turned into several jokes and funny interpretations of the player's tweets as if they were sending a hidden message about his choice. Now there were more memes and funny reactions after Watt announced his next destination in a particular way. 

Memes and reactions to JJ Watt's announcement

JJ decided to finish with all the gossip by announcing his signing for the Cardinals in an unexpected way, and Twitter was full of different memes and funny reactions to his tweet where he showed himself with an Arizona jersey. 


After saying goodbye to the franchise were he played for nine seasons, JJ Watt has arranged where he will continue his career and decided to tell everyone in a particular way which generated multiple memes and funny reactions.