The Los Angeles Rams are the big favorite to win Super Bowl LVI against the Bengals on February 13 at SoFi Stadium in California. It is the big opportunity for the team to win a ring and Lombardi Trohpy at home. But the Rams as an old franchise within the NFL do not have a big collection of Super Bowls, although since their name change they have played in 4 out of 6 postseason since 2016.

Once again the Rams are in a Super Bowl after a tough regular season with a new quarterback in Matthew Stafford from the Detroit Lions. Also, the previous postseason in 2020 was a failure for them.

Three conference championships for the Rams in the 21st century playing for the city of St. Louis or Los Angeles. Ever since Sean McVay took over the head coaching job with the Rams, things have gotten better for the team.

How many times did the Rams make it to the Super Bowl?

Five times counting in 2022 Super Bowl LVI against the Bengals, but it could be 10 times if we count the other 5 championships where the Rams played in the 20th century before the NFL merger. But in the Super Bowl the Rams played in 1979, 1999, 2001, 2018 and 2022.

Which head coaches took the Rams to the Super Bowl?

The first head coach to lead the Los Angeles Rams to a Super Bowl in the NFL was Ray Malavasi in 1979 and they lost to the Steelers. After him, another head coach Dick Vermeil took the Rams to the big game in 1999 and the team won against the Titans. Another head coach, Mike Martz lost in 2001 against the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVI, and finally Sean McVay is the only Rams head coach with two Super Bowl appearances.

How many points did the Rams score in their last Super Bowl?

The Rams scored just three points against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII in the 2018 season, marking McVay's first loss as Rams head coach. The rival defense was tough and the Rams scored only three points in the third quarter of the game.