The New England Patriots have one of the best problems you could have right now. They have a solid young quarterback in Mac Jones and a proven veteran in Cam Newton. The NFL season starts in less than 10 days and we still don't know who'll be under center for them.

"No, we still have a lot of decisions to make,” coach Bill Belichick said when asked about whether he already knew if Jones would start over Newton. And, while Belichick is known for his secrecy, he might be telling the truth this time.

Belichick had already said that Cam Newton would be his starter going forward. But, after Jones continued to impress in the preseason, that could've changed. For now, the rookie out of Alabama is preparing like the job is his.

Mac Jones Is Preparing To Be The Patriots' Starter

(Transcript via Mike Reiss of ESPN)

Like I always say, I’m focused on today. I think there’s a lot of stuff I can clean up. I held the ball a little too long at some points today. I’ll work on that … but I’m here to play any role I can play, help in any way I can, and I’m going to be ready whenever my time comes,” said the Patriots rookie.

“I learned at a young age, just prepare like the starter. You don’t have to be the starter, but prepare, get into your routine. That’s something Coach talked about today. We’re going to be in this stadium again [Sept. 19 against the New York Jets] and that’s kind of what I did. That’s how you can get into a flow.”


That's the mindset you'd want out of your first-round pick, that's for sure. Also, it's not like Belichick gave Newton a long leash last season, as he benched him for Jarrett Stidham multiple times along the way.