It's been a while since the Chicago Bears have been truly competitive. Year after year, they're one of the most disappointing teams in the NFL, and it seems like it's been ages since they've had a true franchise quarterback leading the way.

Matt Nagy's tenure hasn't been much different from that trend. They've put together a defense that, on paper, should be one of the most dominant and physical around the league. But lack of discipline and terrible offensive playcalling often hold the team back.

Given the poor performances of the season, most people and insiders expected Nagy to be out of the team by this time. But judging by the way he talked to the media after barely beating the winless Detroit Lions, it seems like he's not going anywhere.

Matt Nagy Shares Heartfelt Post-Game Speech After Narrow Win Vs. Lions

“There was a lot of love and support, which I appreciate,” Nagy said, per NBC Sports. “Only thing I can do is give complete appreciation and thanks to the players and coaches. I can’t ask for anything more. This is a special group across the board and you know, obviously stating the obvious, we’ve been through some stuff, the distractions the last couple days. But it just proves who they are.”

“That group of guys in that locker room right now, players and coaches, I’ll put them up against anybody,” the coach added. “I love them to death and they’re freaking warriors, man. They know how to win. They’re not losers. They know how to win and I appreciate that about them.”

Bears fans have had it with Nagy. They're chanting 'Fire Nagy' at high school football games and even at Chicago Bulls games. But, for now, it seems like they'll just have to deal with him for a little longer.