Matt Ryan played for the Atlanta Falcons for 14 seasons and that was the team that built his name and legacy, but now Ryan is part of the Indianapolis Colts since he was traded for a third-round selection.

Ryan's two best seasons with Atlanta were in 2010 and 2012 with 13 wins and only three losses in each season. In 14 seasons with the franchise, Ryan and the Falcons played in six postseasons, most notably in 2016 when they lost the Super Bowl to Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Ryan's last winning season with the Falcons was in 2017 with 10-6 overall, after that the last four years were negative for him, that was one of the reasons for his trade to the Colts, besides Ryan is already 37 years old age.

What is the losing record that Matt Ryan could set?

Ryan can become the only quarterback to lose against 31 different teams in NFL history, this would be the opposite of what other quarterbacks like Tom Brady have achieved (won against every single team).

Only two teams must defeat Ryan in the 2022 season, one is the Jaguars and the other franchise is the Las Vegas Raiders. He never lost to any of those teams while playing for Atlanta. On September 18 the Colts play the first of two games against the Jaguars, the next game will be on October 16. On November 13 the Colts play the Raiders on the road.

But Ryan could also set a stronger record not with 31 losses but 32 as there's a remote chance the Colts will play the Falcons in the upcoming 2023 Super Bowl, but that's unlikely.

Other quarterbacks also lost to 30 different franchises but they can no longer set new losing records as they are all retired, like Drew Brees.