It goes without saying that Tom Brady is one of the greatest athletes of all time. He's a winner, a great competitor, and one of the most dominant players in NFL history, and perhaps we're making an understatement.

Brady has ruled football almost at will for the past two decades. Over that span, he's made it to 9 Super Bowls (almost 50% of the seasons) and has won 6 of them. You may think he's overrated and that he's not the most talented in the world, but he's got the résumé to back up his case as the GOAT.

We've already talked long about Tom Brady's multiple records and the ones he can still break. Nonetheless, it still feels like we need to put his career into context to describe just how incredibly dominant he's been. That's why today, we've put together three mind-blowing facts about Tom Brady, his 2020/21 season, and his history in the playoffs.

Tom Brady Has More Playoff Wins Than The Washington Franchise

Tom Brady was made for the postseason. Throughout his 20-year career, he's won 30 playoff games, which is 7 more than the 23 the Washington franchise has won. Notably, Washington has had a football team since 1932.

Tom Brady Has Thrown More Interceptions Than TD Passes On The Road This Season

Nothing is perfect and that includes Tom Brady's career, especially during a season with that many ups and downs. Thus far, he's thrown more interceptions (10) than touchdown passes (9) on the road this season, piling up a 4-4 record, which is something to take a look at during the playoffs.

Tom Brady Has More Playoff Berths Than 12 NFL Teams

Tom Brady has made the playoffs 18 times thus far. That's tied with the Seattle Seahawks and more than the Detroit Lions (17), Atlanta Falcons, New York Jets, Cincinnati Bengals (14), New Orleans Saints (13), Baltimore Ravens (12), Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10), Carolina Panthers (8), Jacksonville Jaguars (7), and Houston Texans (6). Also, this was the first time he made the playoffs as a wild-card. That's just dominance.