Isiah Pacheco is one of the new Chiefs players for the 2022 NFL Season, but before talking about him we have to clarify that his name is pronounced “ie-ZIE-ə” or at least that's how the name of a two-time NBA champion Isiah Thomas was pronounced. His name is a variation of a Hebrew name Isaiah which means 'God saves'.

The Kansas City Chiefs offensive line is one of the deadliest in the NFL, and for the 2022 season they are favorites to make it to the playoffs. But this time the franchise wants Mahomes to run less and that's why the Chiefs have five running backs, with Pacheco being the only rookie.

During the 2021 season the Chiefs used Clyde Edwards-Helaire for most running plays, he scored 4 touchdowns during just 10 games as a starter.

How old is Isiah Pacheco?

Pacheco was born on March 2, 1999 in a city that is 1,194 mi from Kansas City, he was born in Vineland, New Jersey. Isiah Pacheco is 23 years old in 2022. Pacheco's family comes from the Dominican Republic.

Isiah Pacheco height and weight

He is one of three Chiefs running backs with a height of 5-11 (1.80 m), the franchise's shortest running back is Clyde Edwards-Helaire at 5-7 (1.70 m). On the other hand, Pacheco weighs 215 lbs (98 kg), he is a fast guy.

Contract with the Chiefs

The Chiefs are going to pay Pacheco $3,739,108 million for a 4-year contract but unfortunately only $79,108 is guaranteed. On the other hand, Pacheco got a $79,108 signing bonus and his annual salary is expected to be $934,777.

Pacheco’s college career stats

Pacheco played his entire college career where he posted 2,442 rushing yards for 18 touchdowns averaging 4.3 yards per carry on 563 attempts.