Things are not going as Bill Belichick expected and it seems that Mac Jones is not the one to fill the position that Tom Brady left after his departure from the Patriots.

The 2022 NFL season started badly for the Patriots with a loss against the Dolphins 7-20, although after that loss they won a game against the Steelers on the road 17-14, things got worse with a couple of consecutive losses against Ravens and Packers.

The Patriots are unlikely to make it to the 2022 NFL Playoffs if they continue to play this way, especially knowing that Mac Jones is still going through a slow process of adaptation.

What other quarterback could replace Mac Jones in 2023?

Bill Belichick knows the answer very well, the man who could replace his rookie quarterback is nothing more and nothing less than a Super Bowl champion, Jimmy Garappolo. That is the quarterback who knows perfectly well the Belichick system and the old Brady-Tricks that served to win Super Bowl rings.

Belichick's options are slim as he can't use Bailey Zappe (another Rookie QB) or veteran backup Brian Hoyer. Belichick needs to bring in someone who knows how to take a franchise to a Super Bowl.

It's unlikely the New England Patriots could outplay the Bills or Dolphins to win the AFC East Division. The worst thing is that the Jets are playing better than the Patriots in 2022.