The year 2020 is coming to an end but not the NFL regular season, which will play its last week of the year this weekend with some teams still looking to earn a spot in the playoffs. It’s been quite a season with all that means but it’s reaching its end. 

Things didn’t start very well with the coronavirus crisis and even though some teams had some cases, things ended the right way for the league and its participants. Not everything was bad for fans, as they witnessed plenty of incredible moments that left a mark in their memories. 

Today, we’re going to take a look at the best memes we saw during the season. Several players, big names, starred in some controversial moments and fans were quick to roast them on social media. Some of these were bigger than others but that doesn’t mean they weren’t less funny to watch. 

Odell Beckham Jr weird fetish 

Back in September, just one day before the NFL started a new season, Odell Beckham Jr was called out by a model that claimed he likes to be pooped on, something that sparked many reactions around the league and fans were quick to troll one of their favorite victims in the entire league. 

New York Jets win a game and ironically lose their franchise player 

New York Jets appeared to be ready to take Trevor Lawrence in the next NFL draft but things fell apart when they won their first and only game of the season. After going through a crisis throughout the whole season, they woke up one day and decided to win a game and ruin their own plans. Well, now Lawrence is headed to Jacksonville and there is nothing the Jets can do about it. 

Pittsburgh Steelers lose their undefeated record 

Pittsburgh Steelers had an unbeaten run that lasted 11 games. During that game, NFL fans criticized them for beating weak rivals and struggling against the ones that could be a little competitive. Well, Washington Football Team, one of the worst teams in the NFC did the job against the Steelers and memes didn’t take too long. 

Carson Wentz’s last embarrassing play for the Eagles

Carson Wentz was completely awful for the Eagles this season and one of his last plays as the team’s starting quarterback was just… It was the perfect sum up for his campaign. After that, the Eagles took a different route and they appear to have found a new QB in Jalen Hurts. 

Tom Brady’s incredibly poor performance vs Rams 

Tom Brady starred in some funny moments during this season, including one play where he forgot he was in fourth down and turned the ball over. However, when he struggled against Los Angeles Rams, NFL fans went after him more than ever, blasting him for losing to a team he dominated in the Super Bowl a couple of seasons ago. 

Aaron Rodgers, Packers can’t do anything against Tom Brady and Buccaneers 

This matchup was one of the most anticipated in the league this season. Aaron Rodgers vs Tom Brady, two of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the game going at it. It was expected to be a shootout but Rodgers and the Packers couldn’t do anything against Brady. Even though they started winning the game, Brady returned and dominated A-Rod and co. to get a huge win. 

Lamar Jackson leaves an important game to go to… the bathroom 

The 2019 NFL MVP Lamar Jackson displayed a great game a couple of weeks ago, when he faced the Cleveland Browns in a high-flying game that had everybody sitting tight. The best part of the night wasn’t that one, though, as Jackson stole the attention when he left the field to go to the bathroom. He made it clear he didn’t “pull a Paul Pierce” but NFL fans are extremely hard to convince.