The moment all fans were waiting for is finally here. The 2021 NFL season is upon us, which means that the best players on Earth are ready to fight for a chance to the ultimate glory: A Super Bowl ring.

As it usually happens, insiders, scouts, fans, oddsmakers, and GMs make their projections about what's about to happen. But if this league has shown us something is that it can be pretty unpredictable.

That's why today, we've put together five takes that may sound like unpopular opinions to some, but that we fully expect to happen. Check out Bolavip's 5 bold predictions for the 2021 NFL season.

Bold Predictions For The 2021 NFL Season

Josh Allen Wins MVP

As of now, oddsmakers believe that Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers are the clear-cut favorites to win MVP. Nonetheless, we expect Josh Allen to put historically great numbers and swoop in to win this distinction.

The AFC East is the Buffalo Bills' to lose and they have a strong chance to win 13-14 games judging by their schedule. Allen threw for nearly 4600 yards last season to go along with 45 total touchdowns and just 10 INTs. Those numbers are only going up this season.

Trevor Lawrence Sets Record For Most Passing Touchdowns By A Rookie

Maybe that's not much of a bold prediction, as we've seen this record taken down a couple of times in the past couple of years. First, it was Baker Mayfield with 27 in 2018 and then Justin Herbert with 31 last year. But guess what? that mark won't stand for long.

Don't get me wrong, the Jacksonville Jaguars will be a bottom-two team this season, but Trevor Lawrence is still going to put up video game-like numbers as per usual. This team will try and come from behind week in and week out, and we expect plenty of garbage-time scores.

Deshaun Watson Is Traded

Deshaun Watson's situation has stalled but his desire to leave hasn't changed the slightest. The question is whether the league will allow him to play at some point next season or not and whether a team will be willing to take a risk and trade for him before the deadline.

We fully expect a quarterback-needy team to be desperate enough to meet the Houston Texans' asking price for him and just pray it works out. Watson may not play at all in 2021 but he could return in 2022 and still be under contract for several years.

Trey Lance Takes Over

Trey Lance looked pretty solid in the preseason and he's coming off running an NFL-like offense in college. He's readier than most people think, and we all know that Jimmy Garoppolo will have plenty of pressure in his shoulders next season.

But even if Garoppolo plays better next season -- which is a huge IF -- he just can't stay healthy. So, either because of underperformances or due to health, we fully expect Trey Lance to take the reins of the team at some point. Jimmy may not even finish the season with the San Francisco 49ers.

Packers Win Super Bowl

This is Aaron Rodgers' last dance with the Green Bay Packers. This is the end of the line. It's now or never and they all know it at Lambeau Field. And just like something out of a movie, we expect them to go the distance and win the Super Bowl again after more than a decade.

Rodgers is the league's reigning MVP and the Packers boast one of the best offensive units with Davante Adams and Aaron Jones at the helm. And God knows that Matt LaFleur will be damned before trying to kick a field goal instead of putting the ball on Rodgers' hands with the game on the line again.