A year ago, the NFC East saw a huge change, as the formerly known Redskins officially turned into the Washington Commanders. Some fans want to return to their original name, and the team’s president has revealed if they are considering it.

In 1932, this franchise began its journey as the Boston Braves. One year later, they changed their name to the Redskins and retained that name when they moved to Washington in 1937.

However, this name was last seen in 2019. Acording to NPR, this name “is offensive to many Indigenous people who viewed the name and branding as both a slur and a disparaging stereotype grounded in America’s history of violence against Native peoples,” and that’s why they are now known as the Commanders.

Jason Wright, Commanders’ president, reveals if the team will return to being the Redskins

Even though the Commanders were asked to change their name four years ago, some fans are not comfortable with the current name. Over 100,000 signatures are pushing for it, and now the team’s president has addressed the matter.

“It is not being considered. Period,” Jason Wright said, per Grant Paulsen. However, it seems like the Commanders could change name to another soon, as fans don’t really like the current one.

Are Commanders changing their name?

Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, member of the team’s new ownership, left the door wide open for a possible change of name soon. “I think everything’s on the table, especially after this year,” he told The Today Show about the potential upcoming alterations.We’ll see where we are with the name, but I can’t say [for sure] right now.”