In the NFL, competitiveness is always present, even in friendly training sessions. The Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Commanders just proved this point after players of both teams engaged in a huge fight during a joint practice.

For the 2023 NFL season, the Ravens decided to add a lot of players to help Lamar Jackson succeed. The quarterback will have numerous top weapons available on the field, including an elite wide receiver like Odell Beckham Jr.

On the other hand, the Commanders were sold by Dan Snyder this summer. Fans are truly enthusiastic about the new ownership, which is expected to usher in numerous positive changes in the coming years.

Watch: Ravens and Commanders engage in intense fight during joint practice

While Baltimore and Washington aren’t necessarily known for a strong rivalry, a joint practice between the two teams today escalated significantly, leading players to become involved in a major altercation.

After a successful pass from Lamar Jackson to Tylan Wallace, the wide receiver didn’t like how Emanuel Forbes covered him. In response, the Ravens player initially delivered a slap to his rival’s face, leading to an exchange of punches between the two.

In another play, now with Washington attacking, Cole Turner, tight end of the Commanders, was pushed by Ar’Darius Washington. The teammates of both players reacted immediately trying to stop the fight.

However, their altercations didn’t stop there. With Baltimore in the offense once again, Jackson connected with Mark Andrews. The star tight end reacted to Danny Johnson’s coverage, body slamming him to the ground at the end of the play.