Tom Brady is giving some hints about his future recently and now he has revealed something really unexpected. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback has shared a photo of who he wants to be his successor soon and nobody expected it.

As time goes by, Tom Brady must be thinking more about what's going to happen next with his career. The 45-year-old wants to play for at least one more year, but of course retirement is getting closer.

But it seems like Brady has the perfect plan for when he retires. Now, the Buccaneers quarterback has revealed an unexpected photo of his successor and it has shocked everyone.

Tom Brady shares picture of his successor for the Buccaneers

When Tom Brady announced his retirement in the beginning of 2022, everyone started thinking about who could take his place and become a legendary quarterback for the next generation.

He returned quickly to play his 22nd NFL season and it is expected that he will play in 2023. But of course, retirement is getting closer and the 45-year-old quarterback wants to leave the best successor for his position.

On his Instagram, Tom Brady shared a picture of him watching his son Jack throwing a football in a Buccaneers training. "My inspiration", captioned the quarterback.

Brady recently revealed that Jack, 15, is playing football in high school and it seems like he would be interested in pursuing a career in the NFL, trying to defend his father's legacy in the best way possible.