Prior to the 2023 NFL season, Zach Wilson was benched by Aaron Rodgers in the New York Jets. Now, the AFC East team has made its final decision regarding Wilson’s continuity amid their struggles.

It has definitely not been a great season for the Jets. Even though Aaron Rodgers was expected to be their saviour, the experienced quarterback was only able to participate in three plays before suffering a torn Achilles injury.

With Rodgers injured, Wilson stepped up once again to be the team’s starter. However, he lost that role to Tim Boyle, and now HC Robert Saleh has made his final decision regarding Zach’s future.

Jets reveal their next step with Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson’s tenure with the Jets have not been the best. Even though he arrived as one of the best prospects of the 2021 NFL Draft class, he has not lived up to the expectations, and the team is aware of it.

During this last offseason, New York’s front office decided to add a veteran quarterback to replace Wilson. They agreed to terms with the Packers to trade for Aaron Rodgers, and their fans were very thankful for it.

Unfortunately, Rodgers sustained a torn Achilles in the season’s opening game, resulting in Wilson taking over as the starter. However, Wilson soon ceded the role to Tim Boyle, and many anticipated he would remain the backup for the remainder of the year.

But in another unexpected twist, Wilson has reclaimed the starting role for the team as they approach the end of the regular season. Head Coach Robert Saleh confirmed this decision, reaffirming his support for the 2nd overall pick from the 2021 draft.

“Zach gives us our best change to win,” Saleh said of Wilson. “Giving him another opportunity to go prove that. He was good. He’s fired up. Like I said on Monday, he came into my office, he wants the ball. He’s excited about getting this opportunity.”

Yesterday, the Jets released Tim Boyle following his poor performances. With Aaron Rodgers expected to return for the final games of the season, he endorsed the decision to start Wilson against the Texans this week, reaffirming his support for the young quarterback once more.

Will Aaron Rodgers replace Zach Wilson this year?

The Jets’ next steps seem uncertain. While the surprising choice to start Wilson has caught everyone off guard, the possibility of Rodgers’ return might once again sideline the former BYU player.

Rodgers mentioned that he’ll consider returning if the Jets retain playoff chances. Ironically, it appears that Wilson might hold the fate of the quarterback who replaced him this year.

SURVEY Will the Jets be in the playoffs this year?

Will the Jets be in the playoffs this year?