The clock is ticking for the Ravens. As the 2022 NFL season aproaches, the team from Baltimore is being pressured by Lamar Jackson in order to extend his contract before the next campaign. The quarterback has already set a deadline to the board and time is running out for them to make some changes and keep his player satisfied.

Lamar Jackson has proven to be one of the best quarterbacks nowadays in the NFL. Alongside Patrick Mahomes, both players have developed a type of QB that can run the ball and be accurate with it. The one from the Ravens is still mising a Vince Lombardi trophy, but the hope is high in Baltimore with him in the roster.

Obviously Jackson knows his value and is not willing to be underpaid in the near future. The quarterback's plan is to guide Baltimore to the Super Bowl this year, but if he is unhappy with his contract, things might change soon.

Report: Lamar Jackson's deadline for the Ravens to extend his contract is for Week 1

Lamar Jackson is trying to get more time in Baltimore, but he needs to have a contract extension as soon as possible. The quarterback has set Week 1 as the deadline for the negotiations in order to play, per NFL.

"Yeah, we coming up to it. It's coming up. Season's coming up", Jackson said to NFL. "We're going to be good for the season". When he was asked if Week 1 could be the deadline, Lamar said: "Yeah, for sure".

Coach John Harbaugh talked about this situation and he is confident the QB will stay in Baltimore. "You can't really rush it. I don't think either side wants to rush anything; both sides want to be happy when it's all said and done, and probably both sides unhappy when it's all said and done, to some degree, right?", establised.