No one really expected the Detroit Lions to be serious candidates to compete for the Super Bowl LVIII, but oddsmakers do. HC Dan Campbell doesn’t seem to like his team’s favorite status, expressing his concern about it.

Aaron Rodgers‘ departure changed everything in the NFC North. Once the quarterback left the Green Bay Packers, the odds completely changed, and now the Lions are favorites to win the division.

Last year, Detroit had a 9-8 record, but they couldn’t make it to the Playoffs. Fans are really excited about the upcoming season, but Dan Campbell is not entirely sure about the hype train surrounding his team.

Dan Campbell gets real on the Lions’ hype train for the 2023 season

Detroit has not won a Playoff game since 1991 and has not reached the postseason in seven years, so pressure is not something they are familiar with. Dan Campbell is keenly aware of this, and as the head coach, he aims to avoid any kind of hype that could potentially affect his team’s performance.

I think as always, the thing that’s gonna worry you is the hype train,” Campbell said Sunday, per ESPN. “I mean, as with most coaches, this thing is just taking off and it’s out of control right now and that’s fine, as long as we stay focused on the job at hand and the work. I just keep going back to that. We’ve got to put the work in and earn it.”

Oddsmakers see the Lions as legitimate contenders this year. They are favorites to win the NFC North over the Packers, Vikings, and Bears, while they are ranked fourth in the competition for the Conference title, behind the Eagles, Cowboys, and 49ers.