Rob Gronkowski is regarded as a living legend of the New England Patriots. Now, the former tight end has slammed the current players of the team for over-celebrating their win against the Buffalo Bills.

Over nine years, the New England Patriots boasted the best tight end in the league. Rob Gronkowski, drafted 42nd overall, astounded everyone with his talent, strength, and ability to outmaneuver any defense.

With the Patriots, Gronk was able to win three Super Bowls, so he definitely knows what it feels like to succeed. For this reason, he is now severely judging the current players of the team for winning a regular-season game against the Bills.

Gronk slams current Patriots players for their celebration against the Bills

Rob Gronkowski is one of the greatest players in the history of the Patriots. His contribution to New England was immense, as he was a key partner for Tom Brady and a threat to each one of his rivals.

Unfortunately, things have not been the best for the AFC East team since Brady and Gronk left. The squad has been unable to compete, and now it seems like any victory means everything for them.

During Week 7 of the 2023 NFL season, the Patriots surprised everybody by defeating the Buffalo Bills. After the game, players of New England were very excited and really celebrated the victory, which caught Gronk’s attention.

The former tight end spoke about this matter for the “Up and Adams” show. Gronkowski said that he didn’t like how they acted after the game, severly judging the players for their attitude.

“Like they won the Super Bowl,” Gronk said about how the players celebrated their win against Buffalo. “They just won one game and they celebrated more than we did when we won a Super Bowl.”

Will Rob Gronkowski play football again?

Rob Gronkowski is not interested in playing football again. The former tight end revealed that several teams have reached out to see if they could take him out of retirement, but he doesn’t want to gear up again.

However, Gronk recently revealed that he would be interested in leaving retirement to play flag football in the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles. Several stars have raised their hands to represent the United States, building a very competitive team to fight for the golden medal.

SURVEY Should Rob Gronkowski play the 2028 Olympics?

Should Rob Gronkowski play the 2028 Olympics?