Tom Brady has been one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever played in the AFC. In 2022, he could've signed with another team from this conference after leaving the New England Patriots, but he decided to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and continue his successful career in the NFC.

With the New England Patriots, Tom Brady's domain in the NFL was clear. With six Super Bowls rings won in Boston, he decided in 2020 to seek for another challenge and change team.

For the oddsmakers, the Cleveland Browns were the favorites to sign the quarterback, but he decided to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and now it has been revealed the reason why.

Why didn't Tom Brady sign with the Browns in 2020?

When the rumors about Tom Brady's exit from the Patriots started spreading , everyone was wondering where would he land. He changed to the NFC after 20 years in the AFC, but he was close to stay in this conference with the Browns.

Everything was set for him to join Cleveland, but an unexpected move made him change his mind. Josh McDaniels, Patriots offensive coordinator at the time, decided to stay with New England even though he was near to sign with the Browns as their head coach. Brady was interested to continue playing for McDaniels in his new team, but as he didn't move, the quarterback searched for another landing spot.

Even though the Browns had Baker Mayfield as their quarterback then, they were interested in Brady to teach the youngster for a couple of years and then have a great player, such as the Patriots did with Jimmy Garoppolo.

Unfortunately, McDaniels' decision impacted in Brady's mind and the quarterback went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That same year he won his seventh Super Bowl ring, which leads to the question: What would've happened if he joined the Browns?