Bill Belichick’s tenure with the New England Patriots may be coming to an end soon. According to reports, a team in the NFC is waiting for the conclusion of the 2023 NFL season to potentially trade for the legendary head coach.

For over two decades, the Patriots dominated the league under the leadership of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, constructing one of the NFL’s most competitive teams. However, recent times have seen a significant shift.

In 2020, Brady decided to leave New England and sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Since then, the Patriots have really struggled to compete, and fans are wondering if Bill Belichick should continue coaching the team.

Report: NFC team set to make a trade offer to the Patriots for Bill Belichick

Nothing has been the same for the Patriots since 2020. That year, Tom Brady decided it was time to move on and parted ways with the team that had welcomed him in 2000.

This move paid off for the former quarterback. He joined the Buccaneers and led them to a Super Bowl victory against the Kansas City Chiefs, while the Patriots have not found a decent replacement for the legendary player.

Without Brady on the squad, Bill Belichick has faced strong criticism for his inability to succeed. The head coach has only managed one winning season since Tom’s departure, and fans are wondering if it’s time to part ways with him.

Several rumors have suggested that this could be Belichick’s last season in New England. He wants to continue coaching, but his career might not continue with the Patriots once the 2023 campaign ends.

According to NBC ProFootballTalks’ Mike Florio, the New England Patriots might receive a shocking offer at the end of the season for Bill Belichick. These reports indicate that the Washington Commanders are very interested in trading for the six-time Super Bowl champion next year.

“There’s a theory out there that when the season ends, Josh Harris, the new owner of the Commanders, is going to call the Patriots and inquire about what it would take to get Bill Belichick,” Florio says. “So the Patriots wouldn’t fire him. The Patriots would especially trade him to Washington.”

What could the Patriots receive for Bill Belichick?

While it’s not common to see a team trade for a head coach, the NFL does allow it. Recently, the Denver Broncos acquired Sean Payton in a trade with the New Orleans Saints, offering the NFC South team a first-round pick in exchange.

With this trade in mind, it’s evident that the Patriots could command more than a first-round pick for a head coach who has won six Super Bowls. If New England is genuinely considering parting ways with him, the optimal scenario would be to trade him rather than merely releasing him.

SURVEY Should the Commanders acquire Bill Belichick via trade?

Should the Commanders acquire Bill Belichick via trade?