For many football fans, Tom Brady is the greatest player of all time. Patrick Mahomes could compete with him in the near future, but according to Travis Kelce there’s one key aspect that separates both quarterbacks in the GOAT talk.

Tom Brady is unquestionably one of the greatest football players in NFL history. When he entered the league, few had high expectations, but he defied all odds by winning seven Super Bowls in his 23-year career.

On the other hand, there’s Patrick Mahomes, the potential future GOAT. With two Super Bowl wins for the Kansas City Chiefs, he appears poised to establish a dynasty, akin to what Tom Brady accomplished.

Mahomes or Brady? Kelce weighs in on the GOAT debate

For over two decades, Tom Brady completely dominated the league. The legendary quarterback created a dynasty while playing for the New England Patriots, and he then continued it with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brady managed to win seven Super Bowls during his 23-year tenure in the NFL. He even defeated Patrick Mahomes while fighting for the Vince Lombardi trophy, a player who is poised to become the GOAT one day.

During an appearance on the “I Am Athlete” podcast, Kelce said that he aknowledges Brady as the greatest of all time, but he thinks that Mahomes could pass him one day.

“Obviously I got all the respect for Tom Brady. I wasn’t able to get him in the playoffs, so I’ve Tom Bradyed multiple times in my career, I got all the love for him,” Kelce said. “He’s the GOAT and the best to ever do it but I think right now the rate that Pat is at, how he’s doing it, I think it’s a little more all on Pat than it was on Brady. “

While it’s premature to crown Mahomes as the greatest of all time, he’s undeniably striving for that title. Nevertheless, Travis Kelce, his teammate, acknowledges a pivotal factor that complicates the quarterback’s quest.

“I just think one-five has an ability to find a way to get things done even when it breaks down or he’s got to make this crazy throw across the field, and that’s just something you haven’t seen in the NFL, and he’s been doing it since his first snap, and I think he’s going to play a long, long time. So I think he’ll catch him in all the accolades, but I think the biggest thing is always going to be those Super Bowls. That’s a lot of Super Bowls.

Which Super Bowls did Tom Brady win?

Tom Brady’s illustrious career has been defined by his exceptional success in Super Bowl competitions. He has won seven Super Bowls, an unmatched record, showcasing his extraordinary skill, leadership, and ability to thrive on the sport’s grandest stage.

Brady’s Super Bowl wins highlight his unprecedented legacy as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. His seven championships reflect his remarkable consistency, dedication, and unmatched performance in high-pressure situations, cementing his place as a true football icon.

SURVEY Will Patrick Mahomes pass Tom Brady in the GOAT debate one day?

Will Patrick Mahomes pass Tom Brady in the GOAT debate one day?