Aaron Rodgers still hasn't showed up to trading camp and it seems like he's ready for a long stand-off with the Green Bay Packers. Obviously, every team around the NFL is keeping tabs on the situation.

Trading for Aaron Rodgers would instantly make more than half of the teams in the league a legit contender. Even if they already have a solid quarterback, chances are that he's not better than the reigning MVP.

That's why Freddie Boston of FanSided recently put together 3 appealing trade offers from the New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, and Denver Broncos; that could actually lure the future Hall of Famer away from Lambeau Field.

NFL Trade Ideas: 3 Offers Packers Should Consider For Aaron Rodgers

New England Patriots

Trade Offer: 2022, 2023 first-round picks, 2022, 2023 second-round picks, 2022 third-round pick, Mac Jones.

The New England Patriots are a winning organization and having Bill Belichick as coach could certainly help Rodgers win that second Super Bowl ring, so he'd definitely welcome a move to Foxboro.

"Along with first-round picks in the next two drafts, the Patriots also send two second-rounders and a third-rounder. (...) With a bunch of early-round picks and a QB to develop, the Packers could turn the page to the future while Rodgers chases another ring with a coach who has six of them," Boston said.

The Packers will have a plethora of assets for the upcoming drafts while also adding a potential franchise quarterback in Mac Jones. Also, if neither Jones nor Jordan Love are ready to start, they still have Blake Bortles as a fill-in starter while they develop.


Philadelphia Eagles

Trade Offer: 2 2022 first-round picks, 2023 first-round pick, 2023 second-round pick, Devonta Smith.

The Philadelphia Eagles aren't completely sold on Jalen Hurts, according to multiple reports. So, adding Aaron Rodgers into the mix while he continues to develop would be a nice course of action for them.

"The Packers would be able to build around Jordan Love. He’d have Davante Adams and Smith as his top two receiving options, along with Amari Rodgers, Allen Lazard, and Marquez Valdes-Scantling at wide receiver, and Robert Tonyan at tight end. The Packers would then have three first-round picks next year and two in 2022," the report explained.

The Green Bay Packers will have 3 first-round picks next season while also adding one of the best prospects of this class in Devonta Smith to line up opposite Davante Adams. Although the Eagles' chances of winning a ring with that roster are pretty slim, even with Rodgers.


Denver Broncos

Trade Offer: 2022, 2023, 2024 first-round picks, 2022 second-round pick, Bradley Chubb, Drew Lock.

It's not a secret that the Denver Broncos have been looking for an upgrade at the quarterback position for quite some time now, and the combination of their top-notch defense with a gunslinger like Aaron Rodgers would make them instant contenders.

"Don’t forget that the Packers had Drew Lock in for a visit before the 2019 NFL Draft. The Broncos then traded up to get him in the second round, moving up to a couple of spots ahead of the Packers," Boston added.


The Green Bay Packers will get an intriguing prospect in return and multiple first-round picks to build for the future, while also adding a top-notch pass-rusher in Bradley Chubb to reinforce their defense.