The Cleveland Browns suffered a lot during the 2024 NFL season. During the first games, they lost Nick Chubb to a very serious knee injury, and now the running back is on the verge of leaving the AFC North team.

Last year, Nick Chubb missed the final 16 games of the season due to a severe knee injury. The running back underwent multiple surgeries to address the issue, and he is still in the process of recovery.

There’s no doubt that Chubb has been the Browns’ best offensive player in recent years. However, his injury may have raised concerns, and his departure from Cleveland now seems imminent.

Report: Browns might part ways with Nick Chubb this offseason

Nick Chubb has been a standout player for the Browns since joining the team in 2018. He has consistently met expectations, but his 2023 season may have altered his relationship with the organization.

During the Browns’ second game of the season against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chubb sustained a serious knee injury that prematurely ended his campaign. The running back underwent multiple surgeries due to the complexity of the problem.

Unfortunately, that game might have been Chubb’s last one wearing the Browns’ jersey. The Athletic and NFL Media reported that there’s a strong feeling around the league that Cleveland wants to trade the running back this offseason.

This move has shocked everyone. It seems like the team is afraid that Chubb won’t be able to return to his full potential after the injury, and the front office wants to get top picks in exchange for the running back while they still can.

While healthy, Nick Chubb is arguably the best running back in the NFL today. Over six seasons, he has amassed 6,511 yards on 1,238 attempts and scored 48 touchdowns. However, it remains uncertain how he will fare after his challenging knee injury.

What would happen if Nick Chubb leaves the Browns?

If these rumors prove true, the Cleveland Browns would likely turn to Jerome Ford as Nick Chubb’s replacement. Last year, when he assumed the RB1 role, he racked up 813 yards and four touchdowns, solidifying the notion of this series of moves.

As for the player, there will definitely be several teams interested in hiring him. As of today, it seems like the Cowboys are the best landing spot for him, as Tony Pollard enters the free agency and they need a solid running back to bolster the team’s offense.

SURVEY Should the Browns trade Nick Chubb?

Should the Browns trade Nick Chubb?