For the past two or three years, most scouts, fans, analysts, and experts have claimed that Trevor Lawrence is a generational talent. His time at Clemson was outstanding and he proved that he has both the skills and the intangibles to thrive in the NFL.

So, as the NFL Draft approaches and Lawrence is expected to be the first-overall pick, people continue to analyze whether he’s going to be as good as expected or just another overhyped quarterback prospect.

And, judging by those in charge of making the calls, it seems like the hype surrounding him is well-deserved, as most scouts around the league are convinced of the fact that he could lead a team to multiple Super Bowl wins.

NFL Scout Claims That Trevor Lawrence Is A Super Bowl-Winning Quarterback

“There’s just over-scouting that goes on in our league — like a guy’s got to have holes or something. I go back to when (Lawrence) was a freshman — if he could enter the draft (then), he would’ve been the first pick to me after his freshman year. What is giving people pause are probably the two (college football playoff) games he lost, the one to Burrow (and LSU, in the title game) and the one to (Justin) Fields (and Ohio State, in a semifinal game) where he wasn’t at his best, to be straight about it. But he’s so good and talented and athletic. C’mon. That guy can win you Super Bowls,” an unnamed scouting director told Tom Pelissero of

Obviously, plenty of things can happen and there’s no such thing as a ‘can’t-miss prospect’ in the NFL. Then again, Lawrence seems to be the closest to it, and that’s why Urban Meyer and the Jacksonville Jaguars are so eager to watch him in the NFL.

Jacksonville is slowly and quietly putting together an intriguing, up-and-coming team that could be a couple of pieces away from becoming a legit threat. Hopefully, Lawrence will live up to the expectations and take that often-struggling franchise to the top.