Travis Kelce is happy after winning the Week 3 game against the Chicago Bears by 41-10, and the best thing is that his jerseys are selling more than before, thanks to Taylor Swift.

However, a relationship with a big star could affect Kelce’s performance in the 2023 season. He could become distracted and fall victim to the extra attention that dating a pop star generates.

On the other hand, his ‘friendship’ with Swift is good for the Kansas City Chiefs franchise because they will become much more popular than they already are and could reach other parts of the world and use Kelce as an ambassador.

What was the sales spike of the Travis Kelce jerseys?

According to an article published in Bleacher Report, Travis Kelce jerseys had a 400% spike in sales after Taylor Swift attended the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Chicago Bears game on September 24.

The source of the information was the league’s official store and Fanatics, who commented on the spike sales to TMZ Sports.

How much does the Travis Kelce jersey cost?

At, the game jersey starts at $129.99, while other limited versions can reach $200. Other versions are cheaper: some Kelce tees can be purchased for $44.99, and the children’s game jerseys are also cheaper at less than $100.

Is Taylor Swift a fan of any NFL team?

Yes, Taylor Swift is a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles. She confirmed this in her 2020 song “Gold Rush,” when she sang about her “Eagles T-shirt hanging from the door.” She has also been spotted wearing Eagles gear on multiple occasions.