Only three weeks into the 2023 NFL season, and four teams are suffering from an 0-3 losing streak. The worst part is that the Cincinnati Bengals could be the fifth team with an 0-3 record if they lose during Week 3 Monday Night Football against the Los Angeles Rams.

One of the four teams mired in a losing streak is Sean Payton’s Denver Broncos, who were recently humiliated in Week 3 by the Miami Dolphins by a score of 20-70.

The thing about losing streaks is that very few NFL teams have been able to win a Super Bowl after breaking a losing streak at the beginning of the season.

Who are the four teams sunk in an 0-3 losing streak?

According to stats and ESPN’s Matt Miller, after the Sunday games in Week 3, only four teams are going through an 0-3 streak: the Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers, and Minnesota Vikings.

They will play as follows: Denver Broncos vs Chicago Bears, Carolina Panthers vs Minnesota Vikings.

It is also likely that the Cincinnati Bengals will join the 0-3 list if they lose today, September 25, against the Los Angeles Rams during what will be the Monday Night Football doubleheader.

How many teams have reached the Super Bowl after going through a losing streak in the regular season?

The Baltimore Ravens were one of the teams that suffered a losing streak in the 2000 season and won Super Bowl XXXV. Other teams that reached the big game after a losing streak were the Los Angeles Rams, Oakland Raiders, Carolina Panthers, and Pittsburgh Steelers, among others.

What happens if a game between two teams with losing streaks ends in a tie?

If the game ends in a tie, they would break the bad streak of losing games, but would still continue with the curse of not having any victories. The only way to definitively break this losing streak is to win the game in any way, whether with a big margin or a single point.