So far, the divisions with the best records are in the NFC, where two teams enter Week 5 undefeated: Purdy’s 49ers with 4-0 and Hurts’ Eagles with 4-0. But things are not so good for the AFC teams.

However, things will change for those “2-2 teams,” obviously, as some of them will win and some will lose in Week 5. Week 4 was the end of the only perfect record in the AFC, when the Dolphins lost to the Bills.

Aside from the teams enjoying winning streaks, there are plenty of teams mired in losing records, including the Cardinals at 1-3, Broncosat 1-3, and others.

What is the AFC division with the teams with the same record?

According to NFL stats and Pro Football Reference, the division where all teams have the same 2-2 record is the AFC South where the Colts, Texans, Jaguars and Titans play.

Other divisions have one or more teams with a record of three or more wins, the Chiefs in the AFC West have a winning record of 3-1, the Ravens in the AFC North with 3-1 and the Bills and Dolphins share 3-1.