Josh Allen has undoubtedly established himself as a premier playmaker in the NFL over the past couple of years leading the Buffalo Bills. While Buffalo have encountered obstacles in achieving playoff success, they consistently begin each season as contenders for the championship.

One of Allen’s qualities is his ability to make plays off-script, often displaying improvisational skills that are nearly unparalleled in the league. Additionally, his running ability combined with his strong arm makes him a multifaceted quarterback.

However, Allen has had some struggles in recent times. One noteworthy concern is his ball security as he currently ranks third in the league for interceptions thrown with a total of four. This puts him behind only two other players in this statistic: Jimmy Garoppolo and Sam Howell.

Josh Allen Has Fewer Interceptions than Just Two Quarterbacks

While Allen’s remarkable playmaking abilities continue to shine, addressing this issue of interceptions will be crucial for maintaining the Bills’ championship aspirations and solidifying his status as one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks.

Allen was particularly responsible for his team’s lone defeat of the season, which came against the New York Jets in week 1. On that Monday Night Football had three picks in what ended up being loss in overtime. His other interception was in the victory over Washington.

These four interceptions are a figure that only two players surpass. The leader in this category is Garoppolo of the Raiders with six interceptions. Behind him is Commanders quarterback Howell because he has thrown five interceptions.

Which Players Have Four Interceptions this Season?

Allen isn’t the sole player with four interceptions, as he is joined by Daniel Jones, Matthew Stafford, Justin Fields and Zach Wilson.