The Green Bay Packers capped off another great regular season and head into the 2021 NFL Playoffs with high expectations. Of course, Aaron Rodgers deserves a lot of credit for it, but so does Matt LaFleur.

In his third year at the helm, LaFleur has proven the Packers right. With a 39-10 record across three seasons, Green Bay are strong contenders for the Super Bowl again and might be ready to succeed this time. 

The Packers clinched the NFC North and have a bye in the Wild Card round. Rodgers, who made a strong case for a fourth MVP award this year, has explained the strengths of LaFleur and his importance in this great moment of the team.

Aaron Rodgers heaps praise on Matt LaFleur

When the Packers hired LaFleur in 2019, there was certain skepticism around him. Not many people believed he was the right man for the job, not only doubting how far he could take the Packers but also how he would get along with Rodgers. Appearing in The Pat McAfee Show this week, the veteran quarterback was full of praise for his coach.

"We went out and found a guy who would fit, who would fit in the region, who would bring together a good staff, who him and I could get along well. It's obviously worked out really well," Rodgers said.

"He communicates well, he delegates really well, he has a great mind. The most important thing for a Head Coach to do is work and put in the time and he does, he works his --- off.

"He is a very creative mind, you have to have balance but you also have to have that work ethic. Matt leads by example on that department... He's a grinder. He deserves a lot of the credit," Rodgers added before claiming he also deserves to be named Coach of the Year.

LaFleur has certainly proven to be up to the challenge and that may have a lot to do with the hard work Rodgers mentioned. Now, it remains to be seen if he can finally lead the Packers to the ultimate glory.