The Kansas City Chiefs entered this season with some question marks on their offensive line and defense. But still, having Patrick Mahomes and that offense made them one of the clear-cut favorites around the NFL.

Fast-forward to today and the Chiefs look like a team that's not even likely to make the playoffs. That hangover after losing the Super Bowl just doesn't seem to go away and they're struggling to execute on both sides of the field.

Their woes were again at a full display during their Monday Night Football home game against the New York Giants, barely beating them 20-17 despite the fact that they were decimated by injuries and not really competitive.

NFL News: Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid Open Up On The Chief's Offensive Struggles

Even so, head coach Andy Reid and the aforementioned Mahomes still have faith in this team. They think they have enough time to turn things around and find their rhythm to make a deep playoff push:

"Listen, everything's not beautiful right now, but we're fighting through that. And that happens in this game," Reid told the media. "Our guys battled, they didn't give up on each other, they kept working through what could've been a time where you just throw your hands up and go, 'Oh my god, things aren't working the way they're supposed to work.' Guys didn't do that. We'll build on that. Let's keep going, I mean they don't give these things away and I think that's important for people to understand."

"We'll get it there, we just gotta keep working," Reid added. "Making sure we evaluate and work. So that's what we do."

"I think we're gonna snap out of it and find a way to start executing and when we do, we'll be a tough offense to stop," Mahomes said. "I think we're the same as we've always been. We've caught some defenses that are playing over the top of us and we turn the ball over. We're still moving the ball and doing a lot of things great, but whenever you turn the ball over or get a penalty and get pushed back, that kinda ruins drives. But I think we've done a lot of great things, but it comes down to execution in this league."

The talent is clearly there but they need to execute better. Mahomes' decision-making has been erratic and they just can't seem to get a stop. But if anybody can turn things around, that's them.