Thanks to their second Super Bowl win in a span of only four years, the Kansas City Chiefs are a new dynasty in the NFL. Patrick Mahomes won his second NFL MVP Award and, even with an ankle injury, delivered a performance for the ages to beat the Philadelphia Eagles.

As a consequence, Patrick Mahomes has entered the conversation as one of the best quarterbacks in history. Last season, he was spectacular throwing for 5250 yards and 41 touchdowns. Mahomes is only 27-years old. Just amazing.

After these achievements, Patrick Mahomes was included in TIME’s magazine list of the 100 Most Influential People in 2023. Now, the future Hall of Famer was asked about his favorite quarterbacks of all time. He had an amazing answer.

Patrick Mahomes names his Top 5 favorite quarterbacks

During an interview with Ben Felderstein of Complex, Patrick Mahomes was asked if he had a list of his favorite quarterbacks of all time. The Chiefs’ star didn’t hesitate to put Tom Brady first.

Then, things got a little tougher for Mahomes as he had to complete his Top 5. “Yeah, I mean, you got to say Tom’s 1, but if you talk about the legends of the game, Tom (Brady), Peyton Manning, obviously Aaron Rodgers, Joe Montana, and then it gets down to Dan Marino or John Elway to round off your top five.”

However, Mahomes admitted there might be other quarterbacks with the accolades. “But I mean, there’s some great quarterbacks that played this game, man. I’m trying to learn from them because even though the game has progressed, there’s still stuff in the past that helps you become a better quarterback.”