When we think about the Green Bay Packers, we think about Aaron Rodgers. He's been there since he entered the NFL, taking the realms from Brett Favre to become one of the greatest players to ever do it.

Sadly, though, it seems like he no longer feels that way. He's reportedly looking forward to leaving Green Bay and play elsewhere, as he's had it with the organization's inability to give him more weapons.

Rodgers feels like the franchise doesn't trust him enough and that they haven't gone all out to give him a good supporting cast, and the Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders are reportedly looming around to try and pull off a deal.

Peyton Manning Says He Hopes Aaron Rodgers Stays In Green Bay

That's why a former Denver Broncos player - who also knows what it's like to change teams later in his career - as Payton Manning chimed in on the Aaron Rodgers' saga, advocating for a peaceful resolution:

“When I think of Aaron, I think of him as a Green Bay Packer,” Manning told TMZ. “Hopefully they can get it worked out. He's done such a great job there in Green Bay."

Manning added that he doesn't think that Rodgers need any kind of advice from him and that he'll come around on his own:

“Aaron doesn’t need advice from me,” Manning said. “He’ll make a good decision. (...) I think every player, their goal is to stay in one team the entire time if they can. Obviously, Tom (Brady) made a move.”

This wouldn't be the first time that we see something like this go down. It happened to Joe Montana, it happened to Peyton Manning, and it happened to Tom Brady. Then again, we'd love to see a legendary quarterback stay with the team that drafted him for a change.