It took him literally walking off the field in the middle of a game, but it seems like the National Football League has finally had it with Antonio Brown. Now, for his own good, we all hope he gets the help he clearly needs.

Brown had gotten multiple passes because of how talented and how much of a playmaker he was. But if Tom Brady and the chance of winning $1 million and another Super Bowl aren't enough to tame him, then nothing will.

And, while some people are actually sorry for him and feel like he's going through something - most likely CTE - others like Randy Moss aren't that sympathetic. In fact, the Hall of Famer had plenty of things to say about his situation.

Randy Moss Sounds Off On Antonio Brown

(Transcript via The Spun)

“I’ve said this time and time again about the code, the brotherhood, and let me say it again. We don’t care as players what you do during the week. We care about the three hours that we come together as one. I know that there are a lot of people that are going to be talking about the mental health issues. If it’s a mental health issue for Antonio Brown, so be it, let it be serious. But the way that we’re taking mental health issues in our country is very serious, so I don’t want it to be a cop-out where you’re taking mental health over here versus stupidity. You look at some of the things that Antonio Brown did yesterday, that was stupid."

“One thing that really stood out to me that I was just shaking my head ‘oh no,’ I know what kind of teammate, I know what type of person Mike Evans is. I know what he stands for. And for Mike Evans to go over there and try to calm Antonio Brown because ‘you need to fight with me, we’re here to play football’ but Antonio Brown took it upon himself, ‘you know what, the heck with all you guys.’ So to answer your question, Suzy, will he be on another team? The question is, who would want to play with Antonio Brown?”

Sunday was most likely the last time we ever see Brown play in the NFL and he has no one to blame for himself. It's a shame to see such a talent go to waste over terrible personal decisions, but that's just the way it is.