The Eagles suffered a crushing 42-19 loss against the San Francisco 49ers and now have a record of 10-2. Next Sunday, Jalen Hurts will have a crucial matchup facing the Dallas Cowboys on the road in an attempt to secure the NFC East.

Throughout the season, one of their signature plays has been the Tush Push, but that could change starting in the 2024. According to a report from Dianna Russini, Roger Goodell does not want to see the Brotherly Shove anymore.

The NFL could classify the play as illegal and, as a result, the Philadelphia Eagles would lose one of their key tools to reach the Super Bowl. No other team could execute with such a degree of perfection.

“It’s apparent this is going to be heavily debated among the competition committee made up of owners, general managers and coaches. It’s important to note that there isn’t a single person from the Eagles organization on the competition committee.”

NFL and Roger Goodell might eliminate the Tush Push

According to the report, the most significant complaints would come from the divisional rivals of the Philadelphia Eagles, such as the New York Giants and the Washington Commanders. That could be very important inside the competition committee.

“Three of their divisional opponents are represented (in the commitee): New York Giants owner John Mara, Cowboys COO Stephen Jones and Washington head coach Ron Rivera. Though it will all come down to the voting, the most important opinion about the play may come from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.”

In this particular aspect, Goodell has no doubts. The commissioner wants this play out of football without considering the Philadelphia Eagles opinion on the matter.

SURVEY Should the Tush Push be banned from the NFL?

Should the Tush Push be banned from the NFL?