The Los Angeles Rams slowly but steadily put together a contending team. But the NFL is a quarterbacks league now more than ever, and having Jared Goff behind center wasn't enough to get the job done.

Goff and the Rams underperformed in the first Super Bowl of the Sean McVay era. Then, it became evident that they needed an upgrade at the QB position if they intended to go back to the ultimate stage.

McVay and Matthew Stafford got together while on vacation, and after a few tequilas, it was as clear as day. He was their guy, and McVay made quite sure to let the Rams brass have a piece of his mind.

NFL News: Sean McVay Convinced Rams To Trade For Matthew Stafford With Tequila-Fueled Rant

(Transcript via Seth Wickersham of ESPN)

"They met for drinks poolside, talking football. A bond forged over sun and booze. McVay returned to his hotel and, 'a few tequilas in,' he says now, hopped on a FaceTime with Rams brass, unleashing a plea that's now legendary around the team's office. 

'Here's the f—ing deal, OK? We can sit here and exist, and be OK winning nine to 11 games, and losing in the f—ing divisional round and feel like, 'Oh, everything's OK.' Or, we could let our motherf—ing nuts hang, and go trade for this f—ing quarterback, and give ourselves a chance to go win a f—ing world championship. You ready to f—ing do this or what?'"

Goff had just signed a contract extension, so it was somewhat shocking. But the Rams fully trusted McVay, and that rant sure paid off, as they went on to win the Super Bowl in Stafford's first year in Los Angeles.

So, next time they give you a hard time for being a few tequilas in, just tell'em you're doing business.