Aaron Rodgers will face a huge challenge this weekend as his Green Bay Packers take on Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Divisional round. The Packers rested last week after finishing the regular season as the first seed in the NFC and they’ll try to start their route to the Super Bowl with not many problems. 

However, they will have a huge rival in the Rams, who surprised the favorites Seahawks at home last week. They have nothing to lose and a lot to win and that should worry A-Rod and co., who are having a terrific NFL season.

Aaron Rodgers will try to lead his team to the next round but he’ll face huge competition and pressure in Aaron Donald, one of the best defensive players in the league. Donald was a complete nightmare for Russell Westbrook last week and now he’ll try to do the same with Rodgers. 

Sean McVay says Aaron Donald will be ready to “destroy” Aaron Rodgers 

Rams head coach Sean McVay has started seasoning this highly-anticipated matchup between one of the greatest quarterbacks in history and one of the best defensive players the league has seen. McVay made it clear that as long as things go well for Donald, he’ll be ready to catch Rodgers whenever he has the chance. 

“Unless something unforeseen happens, the Terminator will be ready,” McVay said, via Stu Jackson of the team website.

Those comments should put the Packers on notice. Donald can be a menace for every quarterback in the league and he’s not stopping until he crushes them. Rodgers is one of the best at his job but he’ll need to be nearly perfect, as well as his O-line, if they want to get past these Rams. 

They aren’t the most gifted team in the offense, but their defense can do a lot of damage and the Seahawks confirmed that last week.