This offseason, the Pittsburgh Steelers signed Justin Fields to compete for the starting quarterback role. However, they seem to be interested in seeing him as a punt returner, and he has now opened up about this possibility.

Justin Fields will have another opportunity to showcase his skills. After parting ways with the Chicago Bears, the player decided to join the Steelers, but his chances of being the starter are very low this year.

During this offseason, the Steelers added Russell Wilson, who was released by the Denver Broncos. He’s set to lead the offense, but Fields is eagerly awaiting for an opportunity to prove that he’s still a reliable quarterback.

Justin Fields rejects the possibility of playing as punt returner

When the Steelers announced the arrival of Justin Fields, everyone knew that he would be Russell Wilson’s backup. However, it seems like there was another place where he could shine as starter: returning punts.

Jaylen Warren, running back of the Steelers, recently revealed that the team’s special coordinator suggested Fields to play as kick returner. Nevertheless, the quarterback has completely rejected the idea.

“Nah, I think everybody kind of interpreted it wrong,” Fields said Tuesday, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “Coach Danny was basically just trying to send a message that no matter who you are, you could be on special teams. He just used that as an example.”

For many fans, the possibility of seeing Justin Fields play in another position was very attractive. He has showcased his skills running the ball, proving to be an elusive player who could certainly shine in punt returns.

How will the Steelers use Justin Fields?

Justin Fields won’t be the starting quarterback for the Steelers, at least not during the first few weeks. It appears that Russell Wilson will lead the offense, but that doesn’t mean Fields won’t see any playing time.

According to Arthur Smith, the new offensive coordinator for the Steelers, the team may use Fields in red zone situations. Justin could be utilized as a dual threat, but it seems like Pittsburgh wants to take advantage of his legs more than his arm.

SURVEY Should Justin Fields try to be a punt returner?

Should Justin Fields try to be a punt returner?