Streakers have always been present in sports. From the FIFA World Cup to the NFL to every single major event, there's always a chance that someone will somehow mess with security and storm the field, regardless of the precautions they take. Now, they don't even show them on television, but the internet and social media help them go viral and reach corners of the world that they would have never imagined before, as it happened with Yuri Andrade, the guy who streaked last Sunday during Super Bowl LV.

Andrade was brought to justice but was later released on a $500 bail. More impressively, some reported that he had cashed in on a $375,000 bet, as he had placed $50,000 worth of bets at +750 odds on a prop bet that said there would be a streaker on the Super Bowl. Go figure.

Now, however, it seems like the sportsbook has voided the bet due to tampering, claiming that they don't want to encourage that kind of behavior and that they had no knowledge of the situation.

Bovada Sportsbook Won't Pay Super Bowl Streaker Due To Tampering

“Our players have always trusted us to ensure the integrity of all props offered in our sportsbook. We will continue to make sure that any publicity stunts or ill-intended behavior cannot adversely affect the outcome of a player’s wager," a Bovada spokesman told Front Office Sports, as quoted by Offshore Sports.

Well, so much for his savviness. Yuri Andrade thought he could mess with the system but no one can actually beat a sportsbook, especially when he does such a blatantly obvious stunt to get paid.

At the end of the day, he still went viral, gained countless followers, and became an internet sensation, which perhaps is more valuable nowadays than the $375,000 he would've cashed for his bet.