When Tom Brady decided to un-retire from the NFL, he wanted to add another Super Bowl ring to his hand. Unfortunately, there's a big missing piece in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that is keeping him away from reaching the championship game this season.

It has been a rough year for Tom Brady. The quarterback has not been able to perform well and, even though the Buccaneers are still at the top of NFC South, it seems like they're not going to compete for the title.

Tom Brady looks uncomfortable on the field, but there's a reason why. The quarterback has a big missing piece in the Buccaneers and this could be the reason why he won't be able to succeed this year.

Buccaneers' missing piece that hurts Tom Brady the most

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are currently 5-6 after 12 weeks. They are NFC South leaders, but they are one game away from losing their place and complicate their qualification to the Playoffs.

Of course if the team is not performing well, the main target for the critics is Tom Brady. He has 3,051 passing yards with only 14 touchdowns (tied-15th in the league), which are not the best numbers for him.

But there's a reason why he's not connecting with his targets as there's a big missing name in the roster: Rob Gronkowski. The tight end position has been very important for Tom Brady throughout his career and he doesn't have a top name for it in the Buccaneers.

Cameron Brate is Tampa Bay's first tight end. Unfortunately, his season has not been so good with only 16 receptions for 137 yards and zero touchdowns, which doesn't help Tom Brady a lot.

Kyle Rudolph arrived from the Minnesota Vikings this year, but he has not been healthy enough to play. He only has 2 receptions for 20 yards in 5 games with the Buccaneers this season.

In 2020, Rob Gronkowski returned from retirement to help the Buccaneers win the Super Bowl LVI. Should he do the same this year in order to increase Tampa Bay's odds?