It will probably be hard to find another QB-TE duo like Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Not only they built a dynasty at the New England Patriots, but they enjoyed another wonderful ride together at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

However, with the quarterback's retirement, many people began to speculate about the future of his friend. Gronk had retired once but came back to join Brady in Tampa Bay two years ago, which resulted in another Super Bowl triumph together.

But now that Brady is out - unless he changes his mind and decides to return - some believe that Gronk could follow in his steps and call it a career. However, Tom made clear he would love to see his friend back on the gridiron next season.

Tom Brady believes Rob Gronkowski can still play in the NFL

"I don't know. I certainly hope (he plays)," Brady said on his Sirius XM podcast, as quoted by "I mean, I've watched him basically practice and play since he started in the NFL. He can certainly do it. It's a big commitment for all of us. It's a big commitment to keep playing. And I know when he's willing to make that commitment he's unstoppable out there as a player.

"So he'll have a lot of opportunity in every aspect of life because of who he is and his personality and what he brings to what he does. So I sure hope so. And there's a lot of players that are gonna be facing those tough decisions and really weighing the risks [and] the rewards to continue to play. But Gronk is someone that I love. He's an inspirational person for me, an inspirational friend, teammate. And I think football's a lot better when he's in it."

Bucs GM Jason Licht believes Gronk's decision won't be tied to Brady's retirement

Gronk has not indicated that he's planning to hang up his cleats, but of course that a lot can change as a result of Brady's retirement. Bucs GM Jason Licht, however, is confident that will have nothing to do with Rob's decision.

"I don't think it's going to be dependent on whether Tom came back or not from what I understand, and I know that Rob had an incredible experience here as well," Licht said. "He was a big factor in us having the success that we had. We would welcome Rob back with open arms, but we're giving him his space right now to decide on what he wants to do."