Aaron Rodgers didn't hold anything back last weekend when the Green Bay Packers defeated the Chicago Bears on the road. The veteran quarterback had a fantastic evening at Soldier Field, where he extended his dominance over the home team.

"I still own you," Rodgers yelled at Bears fans after rushing for a touchdown in the fourth quarter. The 37-year-old may have a point as he has a 22-5 record against Chicago but, of course, that controversial troll has been a hot topic for the next few days.

Some people may have considered it was unnecessary, while others - like Rodgers himself - believe it wasn't such a big deal and saw it as something fun instead. Tom Brady seems to be one of them, based on his hilarious reaction.

Tom Brady reacts to Aaron Rodgers 'I still own you' troll to Bears fans

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback took a moment to 'congratulate' the Packers superstar for 'owning' the Bears, as Rodgers claimed after that rushing touchdown on Sunday.

"I was studying a little bit on the Bears and the Packers, and watched a lot of that," Brady said to SiriusXM NFL Radio. "That was another great game. And I actually, before we get started, wanted to say congrats to Aaron Rodgers. Obviously, I know he's a great quarterback, but I guess he's now a shareholder of the Bears.

"I saw a clip of him really enthusiastically telling the crowd how happy he is to own Soldier Field. That's really great stuff. He owns the [Milwaukee] Bucks now, [and he's] part owner of Soldier Field. He's got a great career beyond football."

Bears fans may not laugh at this, but you have to admit, Brady has a sense of humor. And, unlike Rodgers, he didn't want to claim 'owning' any other team. "I'm cool with owning just a few lucky autographs. That's what I'm the owner of," Brady added.